For APCFiX users

  • For APCFiX users
    • Alexei
    • 28 фев 2014 г.
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    How to use APCFiX to fix the problem with "Discharge Battery" messages after you replace batteries by yourself

    1. UPS and the computer must be connected using APC smart-signaling COM port cable ( for example: 940-0024С , 940-1524D ), similar as using with Power Chute. ( USB connection not supported )
    2. For correct APCFiX functionality you should remove any SNMP adapter from UPS ( if any SNMP adapter inserted ) APCFiX supports AP9620 using with new SMX & SMT APC ups, but with a lot of limitations.
    3. Unload from PC memory PoweChute resident part. So, COM port can be used by APCFiX.
    4. Run APCFiX.
    5. In the Options menu, set the check in front of "Smart-UPS 3Gen. Battery Const.AUTO Fix".
    6. In the Choose Port select COM port.
    7. Wait until the on-screen information from UPS.


    If you do not have any original APC cables, you can made one by yourself


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